Wednesday, December 12, 2012

how to kill rajinikanth

  1. Hahahahah 

    Are You Mad!!!!!! You want to know that HOW TO KILL RAJINIKANTH ?????
    Google will not be held responsible for this search you have done now..........You can search anything from this universe that you want on Google, but not this..
    If we try to show the result,Google will surely Die.

    do not come on google and dont type how to kill rajinikanth again .

    you are trying to kill Rajinikanth, he might have already known about this yesterday itself... RUN before he finds you.

  2. Sorry, Google cannot Search  how to kill rajinikanth.
    Sorry, Google cannot take risk please don't mess up with rajinikanth .

    • Run, before he finds you
    • Hide, before he finds you
    • Try a different person
  3. Yana rascalla MIND it! 
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